2015: My Physical Year

What is there to say about my physical year? I did more than I did in 2014, but still not nearly enough. It’s never enough. I could beat myself up over that, but instead, I’ll let the numbers do the talking.


  • I ran 1383.6 miles in 2015. That’s about 300 more than in 2014. I was shooting for 2000 (again) and guess what? I failed (again).
  • Those 1,383.6 miles were spread across 176 sessions, for an average of 7.85 miles per run. In total, I spent a little over 228 hours running.
  • Nearly half my running (631 miles) was done in Prospect Park where I ran 80 different times.
  • My longest runs were my two marathons, Vermont City and New York City. I also ran one other race, the Brooklyn Half Marathon.


  • For my fortieth birthday this year, E got me a very nice bike. So far, I’ve put 416 miles on it.
  • I also put 206.8 miles on my dear old Pista for a total of 622.8 cycling miles in about fifty hours.

Swimming and other stuff

  • I swam a bit this year as well, not much, but some. It ended up being only about 5 miles in only about three hours.
  • In addition to my running races, I also did the New York City Triathlon, which I loved, and which I hope to do again this year.
  • I also did the occasional body weight work, but not enough to really track.


I had high hopes of this year, but again did not meet them. I think in the coming year, I need to revaluate how much time I really have, and how much commitment I genuinely have, and set my goals appropriately. But that’s for a post for a later day.

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  1. Forrest

    Do you plan out the routes you run in advance, and if so (more importantly) do you use a specific tool to do so? I’m just getting to the point where I want to know “if I follow this path I will arrive back home having run N miles” and sort of cobbling things together with Google maps isn’t really satisfying. Advice?

  2. fcforrest

    Apparently I failed to log in to reply earlier, so now I will give the less polished “quick” version:

    Do you map out your runs ahead of time using some sort of tool? I’ve tried MapMyRun with limited success and am seeking advice to that end.

    Also: rain. It’s, like, raining here now. This is new and different. Can I run in the rain? Will it ruin my shoes?

  3. fcforrest

    Oh look now I’ve replied thrice.

    1. seanv2

      I’ll answer this one!

      Excited you’re out there running! I think maybe you sent me an invite to runkeeper or something? I don’t log there anymore, I use strava now for everything. It’d be awesome if you joined!

      For routes I use an old school thing called gmap pedometer. You can find it here: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ It isn’t completely accurate, but its pretty close.

      As for rain, yes, you can run in it! Get the right gear, starting with a very light weight rain jacket and a sports hat. I have the Brooks LSD Lite, but any lightweight rain jacket will work. As for your shoes, they’ll be fine. If they get really wet, fill them with newspaper. The paper will absorb the water out of the shoes.

      1. fcforrest

        Newspaper. Newspaper. I think I read about that stuff once, in an ebook. (Thanks for the reply and info!)

    2. seanv2

      you silicon valley types!

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