62 Day Challenge Day 9: Accumulated Fatigue

Day 9 done, 53 days to go.

Reflection: Push-ups were tough today, took almost twice as long as usual, run was slow and I was sore from the get go. I think the accumulating fatigue is starting to get to me. Plan is, the body eventually gets used to the load. We’ll see.

I’m really enjoying the mediation and upped it today to ten minutes. I’m going to try to keep to that. More on this aspect of the challenge in a separate post.

Fruit till noon sucks. It may be the part of this I quit.

Daily Weight 178.2 (weight, why you no move?)
Breakfast 2 banannas, 1 apple
Lunch Homemade hummus sandwich, embarrassing large bag of fritos
Dinner Pasta with ground turkey, tomatoes and broccoli rabe
Run: 6 in 1:00:42
Bike: 0
Swim: 0
Strength/ Flexibility: 20:00
100 push-ups (23,20,15,10,17,13,2)
Total Exercise Time(day/week) ~01:20:00/02:10:00
Mediation: 10:00
Steps (goal/actual) 13134/15154

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  1. wanderwolf

    So, bascially, I tried a running streak end of last month after my marathon, and while I held it together for 28 days, my weight stayed the same despite high (for me) mileage, and I eventually gave in to the building pain in my knees and ankles. Hope neither of those issues are the case for you… just keep it going. 🙂 Also, maybe the meditation will make you heal/ recover faster (like Matt Murdock in Daredevil).

    1. seanv2

      Running streaks can be motivating, but hard on the body. I’ve had a couple of running streaks over the years though the longest was just 114 days. I think the my legs will be ok. If they start to get beat up, I’ll just walk more than I run, but I am worried about the push ups. I don’t want to get an overuse injury there, so I’m trying to break the sets up through the day to give the body a bit more time to recover.

      1. wanderwolf

        Sounds smart! It’s about the long-term goal as much as the daily goal. 🙂 This is something I forgot going into my streak; I became over confident and did too many long days in a row without thinking about the need for a break and accumulated fatigue. I’ll try again… 114 days is good!

  2. seanv2

    Yeah, you need those active rest days in a run streak, or at least I do. Keep us posted if you end up doing another streak!

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