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  • Body Weight and the Marathoner

    If I am going to become fast enough to qualify for Boston (a goal that is at least two years and probably four years off), a number of things have to happen. Most importantly, I have to get faster (duh) but in order to get faster, I need to get stronger and I need to […]

  • Finding time to play

    It has been raining non stop here and so I have been running on thr treadmill the last couple of days. I hate running on the treadmill. Hate it. But being in the the gym has been great otherwise. I’m getting in the miles, but also giving myself time to just play. Yesterday it was […]

  • Training Totals 5/3/09

    Recap – Two months into getting back into training seriously, injury raises its ugly head and I get a minor case of plantar faciitis and suddenly, my plans are in the toilet. I am a creature of habit and having to deviate this week from my planned runs drove me insane. But, after taking Friday […]

  • Injury

    Gah! I hate that even though I only added 10% to my weekly run totals, I am definitely suffering from Plantar Faciitis. Sucks. I woke up this morning and the heel of my right foot was pretty sore. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and actually really cut down on […]

  • 189

    Did a decent four mile run in the heat just now, got back to the gym and weighed in at 189, that’s the second time in three days my weight has been in the 180s. Saturday post run it was a way ynder hydrated 186, yesterday I was back up to 191 and now today […]

  • Training Totals

    Recap – This weeks plan was to add some small bike milage and keep my running miles the same, then after feeling strong on Monday I toyed with the idea of upping the milage by two miles. By Wednesday, the beginning of plantar faciitis was lurking around the edges of my right hell and I […]

  • Long Run

    I am in the middle of exams right now and had to squeeze my long run in from school. School is right near the National Mall, which I have run around roughly ten million times, so I decided to try out a slightly new route. Down the mall, around the Lincoln and then hang a […]

  • Training Plan for the Summer and Fall of 2009

    Training Plan for the Summer and Fall of 2009 The Goal: To race a decent fall marathon free from injury. The Plan: I have registered for the lottery for New York, a race I’d really love to run again. If I don’t get into that, I will register for the Hartford Marathon, a race which […]

  • The Importance of Consistent Training

    There is a brief and superficial article in the New York Times this morning on the importance of consistent and long term training to success in sports in general and running in particular. The article focuses on the need to join a team or get a coach. I’m considering these options. When I’m at a […]

  • “speed work”

    I have been doing a half assed “speed” work out on Wednesdays for the last couple of week. So far, its just been a fartlek type run on the treadmill. Today, it was this: One Mile warm up at a ten minute mile pace One Mile at a seven and a half minute mile pace […]