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  • Review: Dicken’s Global Shift

    Global Shift, Seventh Edition: Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy Peter Dicken This one really borders on being a textbook (and in fact, I read it for a class on international political economy in undergrad) but as I did read it cover to cover, I think its worth a review, though perhaps not […]

  • Review: Mahfouz’s Adrift on the Nile

    Adrift on the Nile Nahgib Mafouz I was told to read this because it was supposed to be “the perfect treatment of life under Nasser”. It’s the story of a group of pseudo intellectuals and broken men who meet on a house boat every night to get high, until a tragic event befalls them leading […]

  • Impressions of Muslim Brotherhood

    I wrote this originally in 2007 and, again, it seems terribly naive and dated, but I’m keeping it as is.   The Muslim Brotherhood (lets call it MB from here on out) is a massive organization, the biggest opposition group by far in Egypt, and everyone I have asked here had an opinion about it. […]

  • Cairo (The Hanging Church)

    I should do a big tourist post about everything I’ve seen – maybe later. For now, settle for these bullet points of last couple days… 1. This weekend I almost got in a fist fight with a cabbie. 2. I also saw all of coptic cairo, which boasts cairo’s oldest synagogue, church and mosque. I […]

  • Cairo (Part 4)

    Running in Cairo in June is a sure way to prove that there is nothing necessarily healthy about training for a marathon. I am still sweating. And my snot is really, really black. But I gotta say I love my neighborhood, I got incredibly lost, but hey, it’s a island, so as long as you […]

  • Cairo! (Day Three)

    Do you ever have those moments where you just can’t believe your life? I had one today where I was like “holy fucking shit, I am riding in cab, over the Nile rive, in a suit, on my way to my first day at a job in a law office where I will be the […]

  • Cairo! (day 2)

    I am stuck in the apartment today waiting for my luggage to arrive. They say it will be here sometime between noon and five. Thanks Italians, you’ve ruined most of my first day in Cairo. Last night N, the new roomie*, took me for a mini tour of Zamalek, the neighborhood we’re living in. Its […]

  • On Barry Bonds

    If we are going to accept the Babe Ruth is one of the greatest hitters of all time (even though he didn’t have to face some of the greatest pitchers of his generation) or that Hank Aaron was better than anyone playing the game now (even though pitchers have improved dramatically) then shouldn’t we accept […]

  • Random Thoughts On Nicolas Nassim Taleb

    Been thinking a lot about unpredictability, and more specifically Nassim Taleb‘s work on markets and “the black swan”.* Nassim Taleb was a pretty successful hedge fund manager, now he styles himself a philosopher. I haven’t read Taleb’s book yet, but from what I can gather, his theory is basically this: In options trading, the conventional […]

  • Review: Baldacci’s The Camel Club

    The Camel Club (Camel Club Series) David Baldacci This is absolute garbage. Possibly the worst book I have ever read. Poorly plotted, poorly written, filled with absurd scenarios and characters I didn’t care about. Total waste of my time and the prime example of why I should give up my rule to finish every book […]