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Back In The Saddle (And Top Posts for 2017)

I took a pretty extended break from posting here, and wondered, really, if it was something I was even going to do anymore. But I miss writing for no other reason than the joy of it, I miss chronicling my … Continue reading

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100 Days of Milo: Day 21 — Contemporary Takes on Milo

The story of Milo has long resonated with athletes and artists.  On the Contemporary Takes on Milo page I collect popular and academic articles and resources on Milo of Croton.

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100 Days of Milo: Day 19 — Classical Sources of the Milo Stories

This website as you may have notices it called Milo and the Calf. That’s after the story of the legendary wrestler Milo of Croton and his allegedly strength training regime of carrying a calf on his shoulders everyday, until it … Continue reading

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Top Ten Stand Alone Posts and Pages

Of the over 700 posts and pages on this website, here are top ten “stand alone” pages which are neither Boston Qualifier Questionnaire responses nor book reviews. Its a funny grab bag of stuff. Check ’em out below: Fitness Habits of … Continue reading

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Milo: Brains versus Brawn

Classic’s professor Tom Stevenson has written a fascinating piece* parsing the ancient sources for a true record of how many Olympic wins Milo had – was it six… or seven? The whole article is worth a read, if ancient history … Continue reading

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Classical Sources for the Milo Stories

A collection of the classical sources for the Milo stories. More on Milo can be found here.  On Saving Pythagoras and the Philosophers: Milo, who was the most renowned of wrestlers, and lived in terms of intimacy with Pythagoras, who … Continue reading

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The Hero Brought Low: Representations of Milo in Art

There are two central stories about Milo of Croton – the story of his training with the calf, and the story of his death by wolf attack.  As I’ve searched the web for images of our man Milo to illustrate … Continue reading

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