62 Day Challenge Day 2: The Health Benefits of a Frozen Cheese Burrito

Reflection: Started the day with five very early miles with Taitdogg, followed by push-ups and mediation. All done before 7 am. At my age, I prefer to get the exercise done early, but my kid has an unpredictable sleep schedule so these days are rare.

Still struggling with the morning calories. I started the day with two bananas, but that wasn’t enough and once again I ended up paying for over priced midtown fruit. Gotta bring shit with me next time. Dinner is an embarrassment, but whatever.

Day 2 done, 60 days to go.

Daily Weight 179.2
Breakfast 2 bananas, 1 cup of overpriced midtown pineapple
Lunch Basil rice with tofu
Dinner Annie’s cheddar cheese burrito, chips, 1 beer
Run: 5.25 miles in 51:39
Bike: 0
Swim: 0
Strength/ Flexibility: 10:00
100 push-ups (10,10,10,15,15,10,10,10)various stretches and balance drills.
Total Exercise Time(day/week) ~1:01:00/2:00:00
Meditation: 5:00
Steps (goal/actual) 12238/15798

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