Corona Diaries Day 1 – New York on a Early Spring Day

This is part of a series of posts chronicling the Coronavirus outbreak in New York City as seen by me, a father husband and lawyer living in Brooklyn. See them all on the main Corona Diaries page.

March 14, 2020

Going to try to do a daily recap of what I am seeing in Brooklyn as the Coronavirus / Covid19 crisis deepens. Things have been building for awhile, but now they’re really happening and today was shocking.

Schools are starting to close. My kids school announced  they were closing indefinitely and starting distance learning on Monday. But today, the stores resturants and bars were jamed  and Prospect Park was blanket to blanket. We’re clearly not yet in the place where we’re taking this seriously.

I went to grocery store  where the shelves were packed full except for cleaning products. Farmers market also just packed with people.

In the afternoon, L and I went for a walk with the Greenfields and saw no less than half a dozen people I knew. Then, late in the day, I took Levi for ice cream. A huge  line, but only one person working. Clearly, others had called in sick.

I got the creeps standing in this giant line for ice cream in a pandemic and we left. Levi cried all the way home telling me I’d broken a promise but there was no way we were just going to stand there with all those  people.

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