Corona Diaries Day 4 — Home with the Kids

This is part of a series of posts chronicling the Coronavirus / Covid19 outbreak in New York City as seen by me, a father husband and lawyer living in Brooklyn. See them all on the main Corona Diaries page.

March 17, 2020

St. Pats day, but it really doesn’t feel like it.

My first day home all day with the kids. Challenging, but also often joyful. I feel lucky that I have good, kind, kids. Yes they sometimes drive me crazy, but all in all, they’re a joy, and are getting along remarkable well.

I’ll admit that if I didn’t have the kids, this would be borderline relaxing. But then what would it all be for?

I’m trying to stay positive, trying to focus on what I can get done. Back into the meditation groove, somehow. Back into a running groove — that’s underway. Back into strength and flexibility — that’s just starting.

I’m hoping I come back from being away a better, fitter, person. That’s one thing in all this I can control.

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