Milo and the Calf Hits 250,000: Top 25 Post and Pages

So this trusty old website just went over 250,000 hits. That’s nothing in the world of big internet, but for little old me and my eccentric tastes, it’s a lot. As has become my tradition, I figured I’d take a moment here to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by, and to note the twenty five most popular pages on this here thing.

  1. The Boston Qualifier Questionnaire: The Stories of Those Who’ve Qualified for the Boston Marathon

No surprise that the most popular part of this website remains on top. I’ve interviewed over 250 runners as part of this project and there’s no end in sight.*

Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Art

  1. About

A page explaining what the fuck is going on here remains popular with the confused and curious.


  1. Data Analysis of the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire

When the BQ(Q) project hit 200 entries I did some basic statistical analysis. This is really where you should start if you’re interested in qualifying for Boston.


  1. David Goggins Inspired Bodyweight Work Outs

A quick page collecting some body weight based works outs shared by the inspiring David Goggins. Helpful if you’re looking to spice up you pull up bar work.


  1. Fitness Habits of Disgraced Generals

Year after year people google the fitness habits of generals Generals McCrystal and Patreus.  This appears to be where they end up.


  1. S-Town’s John B. Mclemore: A Reading List

I was struck by the life of the man at the center of this ground breaking podcast and did a little post on his reading habits. Apparently other people were interested in this too.


  1. 2016: My Year In Books

This was the year I tried to read books that reflected the demographics of the U.S. I recapped all that here.


  1. The Runnable Bridges of New York City

I made a map of every bridge in New York City that you can run over. This was probably the most time intensive project I’ve done for Milo. Glad other people are using it.


  1. Milo of Croton

A research page of information on our main man, Milo of Croton. I suspect this page has featured in number of hastily written undergrad papers.

Milo and the Wolves
This one, by Maurice Falconet’s is probably my favorite of the lot.
  1. The Egoist on the Fixed Gear

Don’t be an asshole on your bike.


  1. 2015: My Year in Books

These year in books pages where I collect my short reviews of the books I’ve read are surprisingly popular.


  1. Divine Madness

A page collecting various resources on the so-called “running cult” Divine Madness. Of everything I have published, this page gets the most emails and responses from previous members and, astonishingly, people interested in joining.


  1. Running Heroes – The Six Women of the 1972 New York City Marathon

A short piece celebrating the women who disrupted the 72 NYCM and changed running forever.


  1. Weight and the Marathoner

A short piece discussing the controversial, but important topic, of the relationship between body weight and long distance running.


  1. 2014: My Year in books

Another year, another 52 books.


  1. Classical Sources for the Milo Stories

A page collecting the various myths and references to Milo of Croton in ancient sources


  1. Some Thoughts On the Early Days of Strength Training

Just what the title say, a brief recap of the very early history of modern strength training.


  1. The Hero Brought Low: Representatives of Milo in Art

Some thoughts on what our portrayals of Milo in art say about us.


  1. Phil Coppess – Hero of Working Stuff Runners 

An appreciation of the always inspiring Coppess who was a world class talent who also held down a factory job and raised two daughters on his own.

Phil Coppess
Coppess on his way to a 2:10 win
  1. Alex Honnold, Free Soloing and the Viewers Guilt

A page of my thoughts on what it means to be an Alex Honnold fan. This was written years before Free Solo came out, but touches on many of the same issues.


  1. How I read 52 Books a Year.

A how-to illustrated with pictures from the Wire, the greatest television show of all time.


  1. Reflection on Martin Ginsburg

A short appreciation page for my law school professor, the husband of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


  1. The Barkley Marathons

A page with some thoughts and ideas on the Barkley Marathons, the worlds most insane foot race.


  1. Some Personal Reflections on Revs and New York in the 90s.

An appreciation of the great New York City Street Artists Cost and Revs.


  1. Steve Bannon: A Reading List

A page discussing the alleged influences on former Trump consigliere, Steve Bannon. Written back when Bannon was still an important figure (ah, 2017, we were so young)


Steve Bannon
Remember when this guy was important?

*A lot of individual BQ(Q) responses also would have made the top 25, but those can all be seen in this list of the Most View Responses to the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire.

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