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  • The Boston Qualifier Questionnaire — Most Popular Marathons

    I started this post thinking it’d be interesting to see at which marathons BQ(Q) respondents tended to qualify. Here is what I learned – people BQ all over the damn place. Of the 162 responses I have posted so far, runners have qualified at roughly 102 different marathoners.* In a world where a small number […]

  • Top Ten Stand Alone Posts and Pages

    Of the over 700 posts and pages on this website, here are top ten “stand alone” pages which are neither Boston Qualifier Questionnaire responses nor book reviews. Its a funny grab bag of stuff. Check ’em out below: Fitness Habits of Disgraced Generals A silly little piece chronicling the fitness habits of Generals McCrystal and Petraeus. The Egoist on […]

  • 2015: My Physical Year

    What is there to say about my physical year? I did more than I did in 2014, but still not nearly enough. It’s never enough. I could beat myself up over that, but instead, I’ll let the numbers do the talking. Running I ran 1383.6 miles in 2015. That’s about 300 more than in 2014. […]

  • Bridges Project: Willis Avenue Bridge

    You cross five bridges during the New York City Marathon – the Verrazano, the Pulaski, the Queensboro, the Willis Avenue, and the Madison Avenue. By the time you get to the Willis, if you’re like me, you’re hurting, but if you’ve got some sense of your surroundings left, you’ll notice it’s a pretty nice (and […]

  • Race Autopsy: the 2015 New York City Marathon

    Race reports are boring for everyone but the runner who writes them. This one is probably no different. Yet when you spend over four hours running around New York City for no goddamn reason, you want to memorialize it somehow. Here’s some thoughts on my day. 4:30 AM We’ll start at the beginning – our […]

  • Training Totals for the Week Ending 9.27.2015

      Run Miles for the week: 43 in 7:07:44 Run Miles for the year: 1140.9 Projected total run miles for the year: 1536.6 Weekly/Daily Average to reach 2k miles 65.1/9.3 Run Streak: 0 Did I hit every session of 18/55? N What did I miss? 1 easy run Runs that were one stupid mile: 0 […]

  • 18 Weeks Out

    So here I am, 18 weeks out from the New York City Marathon (NYCM) and its time to make a decision regarding my training. Will I shoot for the moon again, or take a more earth bound course? Mega miles, or miles and speed? The eternal debate in Sean’s world of running, and one I […]

  • This Years Main Events

    Last night, it became official – I’m running the New York Marathon in November. And with that, my racing schedule for the year is pretty much set. More for my own amusement than anything else, here’s what my endurance year is looking like — goals are in order of importance (yes, sometimes finishing is more […]

  • Friday Inspiration – Gutting it Out

    For weeks now, people have been talking about Meb Keflezighi gutting it out in the final miles of the New York Marathon and crossing the line with local Staten Island runner Mike Cassidy. If you read this blog, you probably already know this story – Meb has battled injuries all fall and wasn’t a hundred […]

  • Some Thoughts on This Years New York City Marathon

    So it looks like the New York Marathon is on.  I am of two minds about this.  I love the New York Marathon, more than a race it is a celebration of New York with tens of thousands of runners and hundreds of thousands of spectators.  If I’m not running it, I always go out […]